Thomas & Friends Replacements Finally Received

by Elaine on October 25, 2007

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2007-10-ThomasReplacement07After over four months, we finally received our Thomas & Friends replacement vehicles. We received Skarloey, Sodor Mail Car, Water Tanker, and Hook & Ladder Truck in the mail today. They look just like the ones we sent back, but seem brand new and smell like paint. I hope there is NO LEAD in the toys’ paint this time! I wouldn’t be surprised, given the fact that RC2 knew about the lead on the Toad engines that they sent out as replacement gifts, but then waited a month before recalling them. We will no longer purchase anymore Thomas & Friends toys made by RC2. They have lost our trust and loyalty.

We were thinking of testing our children’s toys for lead ourselves, since we can’t trust the manufacturers to do it for us. Thingamababy lists step by step instructions on how to use the home testing kits. It sounds like it would be very expensive to test all your children’s toys, since each color on each toy needs to be tested separately.

Unfortunately, a new study released yesterday by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission claims that the home testing kits are not reliable. The CPSC says “Testing by a qualified laboratory and trained personnel is the only way to accurately assess the potential risk posed by a consumer product that may contain lead.”

Sammy and Sophie both recently had their blood drawn and tested for lead. Thankfully, their levels were normal. We don’t know if that means they are lead-free or if they just have an “acceptable amount” of lead in their bodies. Luckily they are no longer putting toys in their mouths as much as they used to. We are trying to be more vigilant in asking them to wash their hands before meals and snacks, to minimize the risk of lead particles entering their bodies.

We will be very conscious of where toys are manufactured during this holiday season. We plan to avoid purchasing toys that are made in China.

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